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Nordic Walking Techniques

Basic Technique Guidelines

A correct basic Nordic Walking technique will ensure that the most benefit from Nordic Walking is obtained from each exercise session. A correct technique will move and work the whole body comfortably and rhythmically.

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  • Walk naturally Nordic Walking is an enhancement of normal walking, not a different movement.   Keep shoulders relaxed and down.
  • Lean upper body slightly forwards.
  • Arms and legs move alternately ie. when the right foot is forward, the left hand is forward, and      then vice versa.
  • Take longer strides than normal.
  • Roll the foot from the heel to the ball with each step.
  • The poles swing forward with long arms and a loosely gripped and guiding hand.
  • The poles always point diagonally backwards and are planted between the front and back foot.
  • The body is pushed forward past the pole until the pole forms a continuous line with the outstretched arm behind the body.
  • The palm of the hand is open and fingers are stretched out at the release position.


Technique Variations

Once a sound basic technique is achieved, variations like up and downhill, striding, skating, jogging and double pole actions can be learnt to give interest and extra challenge to any Nordic walking session.

Nordic Academy strongly suggests participation in a class or course conducted by a qualified instructor to ensure safe and correct technique. These technique tips are only intended as a guide and do not replace professional instruction. 

Disclaimer: As with any exercise it is advisable to consult your doctor before embarking on a new exercise programme. Nordic Academy does not accept any responsibility for an individual suffering injury, illness, stress, or other incidents arising from their participation in Nordic Walking, the use of Nordic Walking equipment or from any information contained in this or related websites.

created by Patrick Burtscher and Maree Farnsworth, Founders Nordic Academy